Selçuk camel wrestling festival

We went to the Selçuk camel wrestling event.  This was much larger than the one in Belevi, and was preceded by camel related events in town over two days including a best dressed camel / beauty contest.  There were TV crews, radio crews, photographers and reporters, various dignitaries including members of government and the mayor of Izmir.  There was a great deal more organisation, along with more Jandarma and traffic police, necessary given the crowds present.  It was difficult for the friend who gave us a lift to find a place to park, it was difficult to find a place to stand and watch – not possible to get the kind of uninterrupted view we had at Belevi.

Unlike Belevi there was no alcohol for sale, although there was a great deal of raki being consumed.  There were some stalls selling food and snacks, less than at Belevi, more people seemed to have brought their own supplies.  There was also a great deal of gambling going on.   The whole event seemed a lot more formal.  The sound system was high quality so it was easier to follow the commentary.  Fewer camels ran out of the arena with people chasing them.  It was fun, but a different sort of fun.

The sky was grey but at least the rain held off.  It was cold and muddy, the sort of cold wet mud that saps heat through boots at an alarming rate.  As a result we did not stay long, long enough to watch some wresting, eat some sucuk in bread, get a load of photos, and generally catch the atmosphere.

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4 responses to “Selçuk camel wrestling festival

  1. I must say the words ‘camel’ and ‘beauty’ don’t often come up in the same sentence!

  2. Camel wrestling sounds amazing 😀

    • We enjoy it. It is an amazing spectacle. Last time we went we began to understand the rules. The camels push each other a lot. The commentator tells you when they’re pushing to the right and when they’re pushing to the left. Points are scored when the opponent’s head touches the ground.

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