Daily Archives: January 12, 2012

Towards a new bike

When we moved here we had hoped it would be possible to bring our motorcycle.  This has not proved possible and it is in the process of being sold in the UK.  This is frustrating.  Ashley bought it after a long period of illness, so that bike has for him been very much about recovery, health, moving on.  We had loads of fun on it, trips around the UK, many weekends away, and the two big trips, one to Greece and one to Turkey.  This bike has been a feature of our lives for more than 4 years.

It was always our plan to have a bike here, so we have now started looking at what is available.  The essential characteristic being that it must be able to transport us over long distances, in relative comfort and with a reasonable amount of capacity for carrying our travelling gear.  Turkey is a huge country, there are so many places we want to go and big distances between them.  We are looking at the moment, there is no point in buying immediately.  Currently it is cold and wet, spring is still some time away.  We found this bike  in Izmir, at not an unreasonable price, so is being considered.