Zeytinyağlı Cauliflower

Most of the recipes I have seen for this dish omit tomatoes and salça.  They keep the cauliflower snowy white and use lemon juice to ensure it does not discolour.  My recipe is inauthentic – but it does taste good.

You need a cauliflower, a carrot, onion, garlic, salça (I think tomato puree would do as a substitute), a lump or two of sugar, paprika and pul biber.

Separate the cauliflower into florets and cook it in boiling water along with a peeled and sliced carrot until it is nearly done to your liking.  We like ours overcooked so I give it five to ten minutes depending on the size of the florets.  Whilst this is happening, sauté onion cut into half-moon slices in a wide pan with lots of olive oil (it should be swimming, though you could cut down the quantity if you really wanted less oil) till it starts to soften, put in the garlic chopped small, then about a teaspoon of paprika, the same of pul biber, let it heat a bit then  add  a desert spoon of salça (you could add a chopped tomato at this point, maybe cutting back on the salça – you could even omit the salça if you wished .  Stir it round.  Put in a sugar cube or two.  Then start ladling in the cauliflower with some of the water in which it is boiling.  Add all the cauliflower and enough water to make it fairly liquid.  Simmer it without a lid until the liquid reduces to being a sauce that coats the cauliflower.  Eat it when it has cooled down.  It’s even better for being kept in the fridge overnight.  It’s fine in the fridge for three days, possibly longer, we’ve always eaten it within that time so I wouldn’t know!


2 responses to “Zeytinyağlı Cauliflower

  1. I think I’ll give that a try..sounds good. The cauliflowers are lovely at the moment aren’t they? Have you tried roasting florets with oil and garlic in the oven? We particularly like it this way. I like my cauliflower slightly underdone so if you roasted yours I would do it slowly and cover for a while in tinfoil.

    • The cauliflowers are fantastic at the moment. In the UK I wasn’t too keen on them but here we are getting a perfectly white, two person sized cauliflower for a lira. We shall definitely try roasting one…
      The problem with the zeytinyagli one I’m making is that it is not very photogenic. It tends to fall apart which does not look as attractive as it tastes.

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