Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Places to go

What with one thing and another we have not done a great deal of traveling this year.  Oh, before we left the UK we had some excellent weekends away – taking advantage of the bike whilst we still had it.   Shillingford, Symonds Yat, Ansty.  The weather wasn’t entirely kind to us on those trips but they were taken early in the season.  We got in some good walking.  We came out to Selçuk in May, but that trip was largely taken up with property viewing, though we did do some ‘holiday’ stuff.  Since we’ve moved here we’ve been back to the UK and Ireland to see friends and family and over to Chios for the night on the advice of our shipping agent.

So, maybe we have done some traveling – it just doesn’t feel like we’ve done as much as usual and this is the time of year our minds start to turn towards places we want to go, things we want to see.

We want to go to Bodrum.  We feel sort of guilty that we have not been already but our time has been taken up with bureaucracy, buying this place, getting stuff sorted out and, now, awaiting the call to go to Izmir to finish clearing our fifteen boxes through customs.  Also Chios taught us that it is not all that much fun wandering around trying to find a good place to sleep, eat or drink in cold, rainy and windy weather.

We would like to go to Ayvalik but that will be once the weather improves.  There is not much to do there apart from walk around admiring the scenery and eating fish on the sea front.  We would like to go to Fethiye again, and Patara, and explore more of Lycia.  We would like to revisit some of the wonderful sights around Antalya.  Termessos, Cirali, the Chimaera, Olympos.

Sunset in Ayvalik

We also want to travel towards the East.  We really want to see Göbekli Tepe and one of  Hilary’s classmates at Westminster University Turkish evening classes wrote about a visit to Urfa as one of his projects – she’s wanted to see the place ever since.  Then there are famous heads at Nemrut Dag – we really want to see those.  We’d like to go to the Black Sea again, preferably with our own transport so that we can see more of the hinterland.  And Amasya is definitely worth a second visit.  Also Bogazköy the village next to the vast ruins of Hattusas.  Photobucket>

And many, many other places – places we have been and want to revisit, places we have not yet been. Photobucket

So all we need to make a start is to finish sorting out the health insurance, receive our 15 boxes, acquire a motorcycle and organise some of the above into various trips without over-planning the whole thing.

We won’t be able to see everything in a single year – we hope for many years of exploration.  There is still a vague and distant plan to ride the Silk Route!   And of course we are always open to suggestions on places to visit and things to do.