Happy New Year

This time last year we were living and working in London.  Now we are retired and living in Turkey.  We are still coming to terms with the differences this has made to our lives.

Just to round off the year, some updates on a few former posts.

Spending Christmas here has been odd.  It has been strange not seeing family and friends.  Not doing the things we have done for many years, family gatherings, evenings out with work colleagues, drinks with friends.  Spending more time on our own.  It has been pleasant to meet up with others here, the social rounds, drinks, nibbles, dinners, that sort of thing, along with a lot of chat.

The wood we bought turned out to be insufficient.  More wood arrived yesterday.  ‘Half a trailer-load’.  On first impression it was slightly more expensive but much better value, it is however rather wet.  On the positive side we have yet to find any rotten bits with live ants.  Ashley has the task of getting it all into the store over the next few days, at least there is no rush because it will not get rained on where it is.

Yesterday we learned the Turkish for machete and revised the Turkish for axe.  Our language skills are slowly improving.

The pickles we made have worked out very well.  We are still eating the first batch of beetroot pickles.  The red cabbage should be ready as should the second batch of beetroot.  We will make more next year, our own pickled cucumbers and chilies rather than eating the ones we bought locally.

In the New Year Hilary has resolved to take Pilates classes (yes, they have Pilates classes in Selçuk).  She spent 10 lira on a pair of tracksuit trousers today and that will be wasted if she doesn’t take up Pilates (or something similar), unless she takes to wearing them around the house to keep warm.

Hilary is also going to start a new blog – this will show a photograph each day from 2012 paired with a similar exercise she undertook in 2010.  We will link to that tomorrow when it is open.

Oh,  talking of photos…  Saw this on the market this morning.  Our guess is the unfortunate creature is destined to become someone’s New Year’s dinner…

Our stuff should now be in Izmir.  We are expecting to be contacted by our shipping agent next week to tell us we need to go to customs in Izmir pay duty and get it all cleared through.  With any luck it will not be a big expense, and soon after our stuff should arrive here.

Hopefully we’ll be able to combine the trip to Izmir with looking at some motorcycles.   We plan to get a motorcycle in the near future, to be able to go touring in the spring.  We are both missing having the Harley, it needs to be replaced.

Anyway, motorcycles, pickles, sorting health insurance, resolutions, Pilates, and other things are for the future.  Today is New Year’s  eve, our first in Turkey.  We never really did much with it when we were in the UK.  We would stay in, eat too much, drink too much, open a bottle of champagne at midnight.  It will therefore be much the same except we have wine rather than champagne.  Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, have a good new year and a prosperous and healthy 2012.



4 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you! You’ll be almost there by now expect!

  2. Happy New Year to you both! Congratulations on your first New Year’s Eve here! Thanks for commenting on my garlicky crunchies – they are good, aren’t they?

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