Things to do with beetroot

Or Pancar here in Turkey.  It is plentiful, dirt cheap, wonderfully fresh and utterly delicious.  Here it comes with the leaves, you can get them cut off if you want, but why, as there are things to be done with the leaves and stems?   We  might be biased of course since we adore beetroot.

Maybe this is us but we can’t be bothered trying to get a red clear soup, if we want soup with beetroot we make Borscht.  If we can’t get sour cream to add on top yogurt works just fine, especially the thick and creamy sort.

Beetroot is easy to cook, boil for 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on size, allow to cool, peel then slice or chop into chunks.  Sliced boiled beetroot is delicious, a spoon of yogurt on top of the slices is good, or sprinkle a few drops of wine or grape vinegar for a sort of pretend pickle.  For proper pickle, slice some boiled and peeled beetroot, put in a pickling jar, pour over boiling pickling vinegar, close and leave in a cool dark place for 2 weeks, there really is nothing more to it.  Beetroot roasts really well, peel and chop into chunks, drizzle over some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with a little cumin, mix, and roast for about an hour, simple and delicious.  Why not try mixed roast root vegetables, potato, beetroot and carrot springs to mind?  Beet stems if young and tender go well in soups and stews, as of course do beet leaves, both impart a wonderful colour.  The leaves stir fry really well, treat much the same way as spinach or chard.

We are always happy to receive other ideas for using beetroot.

Enjoy.  Afiyet olsun.


2 responses to “Things to do with beetroot

  1. Beetroot risotto is nice – it makes the rice go purple 😀

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