Works in Progress

We’ve been pretty busy the past week.  One of the benefits of owning this property (rather than renting it) is that we’ve been able to make various changes.  Some of which are needed (but proved difficult to arrange with the tenant/owner/builder triangle), others to bring the place more in line with our taste and lifestyle.

There are builders now digging out the back wall (they are in a neighbour’s garden) so that it can be damp-proofed.  This was something we knew needed to be done although it is proving rather more expensive than we anticipated.  The builder assures us it will be 100% effective.  We remain sceptical.  However, just getting a woodpile and some tree roots away from the back wall will make a difference.  They are digging a deep trench and will lay concrete and pipework to take the water away, as well as installing polystyrene blocks and a damp proof membrane.  Our back window is below waist height on the inside and about a foot off the ground on the outside.  It’s little more than a foot across and not even that high.  We can’t see much through it.  But we have seen the workmen’s boots and jeans from the knee down and shovels and, this morning, Hilary saw a spirit level…

We had the washing machine moved into the bathroom and a unit built around it.  This replaces a bath which we never used (we use the shower and there is a bath in the other bathroom should we need one).  This has given us some storage in the bathroom and, more importantly, an extra 60 cm storage cupboard in the kitchen.  It now has two shelves and the carpenter is supposed to be coming back, initially today – now tomorrow morning, to fit a base-shelf which we forgot to specify.

Whilst all this has been going on, Ashley has demolished parts of the wooden structure on the roof terrace.  This was greatly helped by our neighbour loaning us a crowbar.  We have kept enough to give us shade, hang out the washing and for the vines to climb.  We took out the bit that was blocking our view of the castle.  Yes, it did make the roof feel more enclosed, but I’m not convinced that we are significantly more overlooked now it is gone and we do prefer the feeling of open-ness.  All that remains to be done on the terrace now is filling some holes and a lick of paint.

All of which has prevented us from getting out and about as much as we would have liked but you can’t have it all ways…


8 responses to “Works in Progress

  1. You have been busy. I recall the roof terrace, having sat up there having coffee with the previous owner and I would have done exactly as you have done…good move. And the bathroom now looks great.

    We could also do with a damp course at the back of our house. Do let us know how it works out.

    • If you are ever in the area you would be more than welcome to sit on the roof and drink tea with us – if the weather allows. Perhaps the former owner will be able to join us.
      We will let you know how we get on with the damp course. We’ve not yet seen much of the builders and the boss is working hard building something at Meryemana.

  2. I kind of like the trellis, but you’re right, it does look more open now

  3. This is exciting – can’t wait for the posts on what happens with the construction re: timeliness, etc.

    It looks really great – you are inspiring us as we think ahead to when we will remodel the place on Bozcaada for winter living, someday in the future…knock on wood.

    • Well, they finished in the back yesterday – or so they said. That was four days ahead of schedule. We were lucky that the weather held as they couldn’t have laid the concrete in the rain which is starting quite seriously now. Half of the window in the bedroom has been concreted up which we didn’t expect but, as that window doesn’t let in much light and we still have ventilation it’s not too great a loss. At least it’s been sloped so the water runs away from it.
      Good luck with the work on Bozcada. I’ve heard it is very beautiful there though we have not been.

  4. It sounds like fun when reading about it from afar, but it surely must be a lot of work and hassle associated with renovations. Still, I am get excited just by reading about it 🙂

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