Recycling in Zafer Mahallesi

Before we moved in, our property was in multiple occupation for much of the time.  So, when the sale went through, we were left with two sets of crockery, cutlery etc. and, from our point of view, a shortage of storage space, especially for our kitchen stuff (we are both keen cooks).  We were in Ikea yesterday, buying kitchen bits and pieces.

So today we got rid of some of the excess crockery, cutlery, knives, storage jars and assorted bits and pieces.  Stuff that, in the UK, we would have taken to the charity shop.  Ashley took the first few bits to the bin, where they were eagerly grabbed by our neighbours.  Hilary took out a great big cardboard box which was taken by a neighbour to share out.  Ashley then took another cardboard box of more kitchen stuff.

Just now, Hilary took out three artificial plants – we had, honestly, intended to bin these.  The neighbours grabbed them out of her hands with huge smiles on their faces and many thanks.

It is good that things like this do not go to waste


4 responses to “Recycling in Zafer Mahallesi

  1. I sometimes wonder if the Turks invented recycling. Things we have put out with the rubbish have been snapped up within minutes. No matter if it’s broken and seemingly beyond repair, they will always find a use for it.

    One thing worth mentioning is that if you have clothes you want to dispose of, unless you know the family very well they may be offended if you offer them. I always wrap clothes well and place next to the rubbish bin. Anyone who wants them will take them.

  2. Here’s to freecycling – you have started the movement in Turkiye!

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