An alarming incident

We had been busy since early in the morning going through the formalities of buying this place.  The tapu is now in our name.  In the evening we went out for a celebratory dinner then came home and opened a bottle of wine.  We slept soundly till about 05:00 when we were awoken by a soft bleeping.

Ashley interpreted this as the carbon monoxide alarm.  We struggled to find the torch (for some reason the lights were not working), we opened many windows, we struggled to find some clothes…  The bleeping continued.  The soba was completely out.

Then, after about five minutes of blundering around in the increasing cold, we thought about how much of a coincidence it was that the carbon monoxide alarm should go off in the middle of power cut.  Then Ashley remembered that the UPS makes exactly the bleep we were hearing.

This is an uninterruptible power supply

He switched it off, we closed all the windows and went back to sleep.

This is a carbon monoxide alarm


2 responses to “An alarming incident

  1. Glad that’s all it was!

    • We need to learn the difference between an UPS and a CO alarm. We need to learn to locate the torch more swiftly when it’s dark. We have, however, now dusted the UPS. There was another, longer, power cut this morning which prevented me from doing the washing.

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