Sun and beach in November

It may be cold at night, but during the day the sun can be really pleasant despite the cool air.  We spent some time yesterday  afternoon with a friend walking on Pamucak beach, it was really good to get out in the sun and stroll, chat, catch up with recent news and events.  After the stroll we chatted further over tea in one of the beachside places that is still open, and plans to be open all winter.  It was warm enough to sit outside, to mix chat and tea with people watching.   Some of the high heels on which people were attempting to walk on the sand were quite amazing, there were people riding horses, and Ashley was interested in the quad bikes parked up nearby.

For a while this afternoon it was pleasant to sit on our roof terrace, watching the young man who lives across the road doing something mysterious with his pet pigeons, various bird life flying around the roofs and gardens and smoke rising from neighbours’ chimneys (not to mention the fire in the communal bin).


2 responses to “Sun and beach in November

  1. Yep, you’re right. Everything is mysterious when it comes to pet pigeons….

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