In a week or so we are hoping to buy the place we are currently renting so are busy getting things in order.  Part of this is getting the money into the right place which is not entirely straightforward and is pretty much all done through internet banking.  This morning we were just about to do the next part of the process when the electricity stopped.  As a result the router stopped, hence no internet.   Two hours later and after a slow breakfast there was still no sign of power.

Our current landlady had left us one of those uninterruptible power supply things.  We had never used it, had no idea whether it had any charge, but we thought we might as well give it a try.  We connected the router to it, pressed the power button, and joy – the internet came back.

The router is now permanently connected through the uninterruptible power supply, which we guess says something about life priorities.  Everything else electronic is of lesser importance and the laptop will run on battery for a couple of hours.

Following a totally unrelated incident involving the slicing of a finger along with the bread, and verification with a neighbour that she also had elektrik  yok (so it wasn’t just us) we decided to go for a walk in the hope that the electricity would be back upon our return.  On our way up the hill we saw about half a dozen men working on a pylon and a box full of electric wires and connections.  Which explained the outage.

On our return our neighbour assured us elektrik geldi.  And, lo, it was all working again.

One could say ‘this is Turkey’ but that would be extremely unfair.  Back where we lived in the UK power cuts were a constant feature of life – the worst one went on for 18 hours.  That was due to men from the gas board cutting through the underground cables – which is extremely unlikely to happen here where there is no mains gas and the electricity runs overhead.


2 responses to “Electricity

  1. Power cuts are a fact of life here, particularly in winter. You get used to them.

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