The Artemis Temple in November

One of the really nice things about the Artemis Temple is that it is a haven for wild birds, probably more so in winter when there are less tour buses but even in summer many can be seen at quiet moments.  It’s a short walk from our place so we go quite often.  This time we were there for an hour or a bit less, it was mostly deserted.  A couple of tours arrived but as usual did not stay long.

Wild birds seen 11th November 2011 at the Artemis Temple and immediate area.

  •  Hooded Crow – definite, there are sufficient in Selçuk for a shoot of a well known Hitchcock film.
  • White Wagtail – definite.
  • Grey Wagtail – probable, could have been a Yellow or Citrine Wagtail but given the time of year a Grey Wagtail is far more likely.
  • Chaffinch – definite.
  • Goldfinch – definite, there was a large flock of them.
  • Great Tit – definite.
  • Blue Tit – definite.
  • Long Tailed Tit – probable, difficult to be sure, at distance and in flight.
  • Black Redstart – almost certain.  Could not really have been anything else.
  • House Sparrow – definite.

The whole area was completely dry.  That should not be surprising since, as far as we know, it has only rained once since we were last there on 8th October.  When there is water there, the water is full of frogs and turtles.  We have photos of a positive encrustation of turtles from a previous visit.  We often wonder where the frogs and turtles go when there is no water.  Watching the temple through the seasons is one of the things we looked forward to before we moved out.

Apart from the lack of frogs and turtles we did not see any lizards or snakes.  We suppose it is too cold for them.  Someone has cut down a lot of the taller plants so the whole place looks a little bare at the moment.  The geese had also gone.  We doubt if they have migrated.  We believe they belong to the farm which borders the site (which also, for reasons we do not understand, has peacocks).

In general it’s been much easier to spot and identify birds since it’s been a little colder.  They grow bolder when there is less food about.  We saw a chaffinch on the neighbour’s fig tree yesterday (until the cats came out to watch it!).  Hilary thinks she saw a buzzard over the hill behind the house when she went up to the roof terrace to bring in some washing.


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