Through the Hills to Sirince

Back from our trip to northwest Europe we were feeling  in need of fresh air and countryside and the November sun was pleasant.  We thought it would be a good idea to have a walk in the hills to the east of Selçuk which are easy to access from our place and make for pleasant walking.  It is difficult to know where the tracks lead, this can only be found out by trying.  Many are for agricultural purposes so go to olive groves and farms, but the scenery and views are good, and there is the local wildlife.

We saw a variety of bids, some jays making a lot of noise, the usual finches and tits, chaffinches and great tits mostly, the odd blackbird, probably another sort of thrush heard but not seen, and a couple of buzzards.  One of the buzzards was close enough to make out some details, probably a long legged buzzard but it is hard to be certain, the other was soaring high up.

There were also crickets and other insects, including butterflies.  It was nice to see butterflies in November.   We also came across this bug, no idea what it is, it looks sort of mantis like.

Walking further into the hills we came across a wider track, possibly being developed as a road.  There was evidence of mechanical construction, but the surface was gravel so currently perfectly good for tractors but not a great deal more, although we did see one car using it and a motorcycle.   We passed by numerous farms some with signs warning about the köpek.  There were vineyards, trees laden with quince, more olive trees than it is possible to count and some very pleasant views.

There is not a great deal of autumn colour here – not compared to the UK.  Most of the trees out here are evergreens, but what colour there is was quite spectacular.

It turned out that we had discovered the back road to Sirince.  This became obvious when below us and winding up a hill was a road jammed with cars and buses, and car parks in the distance.  We had not expected this to be the back way to Sirince and had not expected Sirince to be so busy.  We think the restaurants were doing very good business over Bayram, everywhere seemed packed.

Not wanting to be part of the hordes and feeling lazy after a two and a half hour fairly gentle walk we got the dolmuş back to Selçuk.   Both of us came up with the same idea, maybe in spring, to repeat the walk in the later afternoon / early evening, have a meal in Sirince and then get the dolmuş back.  A good plan for the future.


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