On the Harley – Touring Turkey Part 3

We did a day trip from Pamakkuke to Aphrodisias.  Commonly hotels will arrange this, we had no need, we had the bike.  It starts and ends with needing to pass through Denizli, and up the big hill on the road towards Antalya.  There are some really spectacular views as the road winds up into the mountains.

After a while we took a right off the highway onto smaller and far more pretty roads to Aphrodisias.  This is a really spectacular road, wonderfully pretty, and great for bikes.  It was lots of fun.  We arrived without incident at Aphrodisias.  There is a car park in the nearby village, it is necessary to park there and take the provided tractor shuttle to Aphrodisias, there is no permitted parking at the site.  I guess this gives income to the local village and the transfer was not expensive.  Sated from wandering around one of our favourite places we headed back by the same route.

Leaving Pamukkale having done the usual tourist stuff we headed for Selçuk.  So, back to Denizli (again), I was getting really familiar with the roads through Denizli, and then west along the highway.  Highways in Turkey can be pretty variable, commonly two carriageways with or without a central reservation, but in places more narrow.  Nothing much changes as the highways go through towns, except the buses stop to drop and collect passengers, and there are more small motorcycles and tractors to be cautious of.  On the whole the surfaces are well maintained, on par with the UK.

The trip was largely uneventful, the road got very busy through Aydin but it all moved at a slow pace and was fairly predictable.   There were lots of trucks, tractors and buses on road through Aydin (I guess it may well have been market day), so it took a fair bit of concentration.  Heading out of Aydin we came across a choice of route, the old highway or the new motorway.  I was not really sure which route to take until when passing a truck or two it became apparent that we were about to enter a feeder lane for the new motorway.

Passing through the toll booths we hit the motorway.  The road surface was excellent, and the road rules much the same as anywhere in Europe.   It is a fairly new road, well-constructed, and a very easy ride mostly downhill towards Izmir.  This was my first time riding on a Turkish motorway, it was all very predictable.

We took the turn off for Selçuk and before long we were parked up and enjoying refreshments at the Homeros Pension.


4 responses to “On the Harley – Touring Turkey Part 3

  1. I like reading about your tours of Turkey, sounds a wonderful country.

  2. We keep promising ourselves a trip to Aphrodisias. We haven’t quite made it yet. The motorway is great. Wouldn’t look out of place in Germany.

    • Aphrodisias is wonderful. It is difficult to get to outside of an organised tour or your own transportation, but well worth the effort. The small museum there is pretty good, has some nice Roman statues.

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