Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

I have been busy over the last two days carrying our rather urgent work on wooden windows , doors and frames. The climate here is not really kind to wood, the searing heat of summer and the cooler wet of winter take their toll. The recent storm really brought it to my attention that this work needed to be done, and meant that I had to leave some of the wood to dry out before tackling the task. To be honest I had put it off since we are renting the place at the moment, unwise really since we are planning to buy, the work needed to be done, and nobody else was going to do it.
There have been a couple of trips to the local hardware / DIY shop which is excellent. We picked up some preservative woodstain guessing a little about the right colour, varnish, brushes and a few other bits. The people in the shop seem to have got used to us wandering in for bits and pieces and are incredibly helpful. They showed us colour cards for the woodstain, helped us locate what we needed, and taught Hilary the Turkish for stuff such as sandpaper. The task has been going pretty well, the stain is a little darker than the original but this does not matter a great deal, it is not going to show that much. By the middle of today I had a window frame that is exposed to the weather stained and varnished, and another window and frame which is less exposed stained.


This brought me to the bathroom window which I feared might need more than maintenance. The frame was broken in places, and some of the wood looked to be rotten. It had also got very wet during the storms and I was expecting it to take longer to dry out. This afternoon the wood was dry, a good sign, so I decided to tackle the


task. On investigating the frame it was apparent that it had not rotted and a few screws would effectively repair the split. This was a big relief, and the work easy enough to do, once again I was so glad I brought my power tools from the UK. I then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the window and frame and getting some preservative stain into it.

There is still work to do on the wood, but good progress has been made, and everything will be varnished and dry before the next predicted rain.


5 responses to “Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

  1. You’ve done a really good job there. It’s a race against time to get these jobs done before we get more rain. We are still drying out before Mr A can re-seal all the uPVC window frames, and other places where the rain gets in. In the meantime he is rebuilding the dry stone wall..part of which collapsed during the storms, taking a good chunk of the garden with it!

    • Thanks. It has been a lot of work. I predict finishing on Saturday, good because rain is forecast Sunday or Monday. Hope you and Mr A manage to get your stuff dried out and fixed.

  2. Alas, even the Law is on your side (a recent development), landlords are reluctant to fix problems for their tenants. It’s best you do it yourself to keep the rain out.

  3. I should have said ‘even though the Law is on your side.’

    • Our landlord is being pretty good and getting other stuff fixed. She is also taking the view of “well you are buying the house”. Anyway it gives me something to do, helps me learn some Turkish, and I guess it is part of getting this place how we want it.

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