Autumn with a bang

We were woken this morning by thunder, howling winds and torrential rain.  The first really impressive rain since we moved here in early August.  Plants were blown over, water was streaming off the patio, it was after 8am and still appeared to be dark.  We put some tea on the stove, ran the computer on the battery, and settled down to watch the torrent.

The rain eased off after a while, the sky remained sullen and stormy but most of the rain seemed elsewhere.  A good time therefore to stand up, secure the fallen plants and check for any damage.  Water had flowed off the patio leaving no standing water.  Same with the roof terrace, no remaining standing water.  No leaks, no drips from ceilings, no water in the house.   This is good.  We took some potted plants out of their drip trays so water could drain.  We inspected the firewood supply, both the current in use wood stores were perfectly dry.  The steps along the side of the house leading to the street had pooled some water, this is a known minor problem which can be sorted easily enough and is not urgent.

It’s been warm, but oddly dark.  Despite the lack of sun the solar water heating managed to provide most of our needs.  We boiled a single kettle to assist with washing up this evening, but we both had tolerably warm showers.   Not sure whether this was from what  little sun we had today or left over from yesterday. Tomorrow may tell…

There have been some bits of rain throughout the day but nothing compared to the torrent this morning. Now and then storms have threatened but nothing substantial has happened. There were occasional faint hints of the sun and this evening we were treated to a glimpse of sunset through more gathering storms.


4 responses to “Autumn with a bang

  1. Welcome to Turkish weather at its most spectacular. It’s great that your house remained dry. Many don’t. There’s more to come, much, much more!

    • Oh I know. The annual rainfall here is higher than many places in the UK, and it is pretty much all within a set few months. It is going to get interesting.

  2. Am with Jack on this. Prepare yourself for much worse weather. These storms can be brutal. Ours is one of the many houses that does leak. And water even got into the fusebox yesterday.

    • Water in the fusebox is bad. I’m pretty sure we do not have any leaks, although of course from year to year things can happen, but so far so good. The one thing that does worry is we are built on a hill, and the back is built into the hill which is a recipe for a problem with damp, however this is a known problem and is being dealt with – one way or another.

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