Adventures with lighting

We went to Koçtaş in Kuşadası again.  I think they may start to recognise us.  Hoping they won’t hide when they see us coming.  The purpose of our visit was to get some spotlights for the kitchen.  We’re in a strange situation here – renting with intent to purchase – but if the worst comes to the worst we can always take the lights down and take them to wherever we end up.  The lights, switches, cabling and plugs came to just over 100 lira.

Completed lighting

Finally working

One of the first things we noticed when we got them home is that one of the light bulbs (supplied) was missing.  This was irritating but not the end of the world.  We thought we would be able to source a bulb in Selçuk.  Ashley got out his power tools, climbed onto the kitchen counter and started to install the lights.  This was a little complex as they are supposed to wire directly onto the ring main and we wanted them to plug in.  A hacksaw saw to that…  I left him to it and got on with potting up some herbs then, during a brief internet break, I noticed that we had no network.  Heading to the front house I discovered that all the power in there had blown.  The back house was fine.  The trip switches on the wall looked fine.  No power.

We were fortunate to source an excellent electrician.  He said he couldn’t come till seven and was with us before 7:15.  He flipped the trip switch by the meter and all the lights came back on.  We dragged him into the house to see if he could work out what Ashley had done wrong.  He wired up the spotlights as Ashley had done.  The only explanation we could initially come up with was that he was a professional and Ashley was not.  He wouldn’t take any money for the work.  He didn’t drink but was not offended when I offered beer or a bottle of wine.

I was able to stir fry chicken with halogen bulbs shining directly onto the cooker.  Later on, sitting alone in the front house, contemplating bits of wire, Ashley realised he had wired the switch incorrectly.

Today we failed to source a halogen bulb that would fit our remaining lighting unit.  Instead we have two LED bulbs.   Ashley inserted the switch back into the working unit, which still works fine and doesn’t blow any circuits then he fitted the other unit above the worktop.  The light from the LEDs is different from the light from the halogens.  We don’t think this will matter greatly.  We have a choice.  We also still have the light in the ceiling fan which is softer to eat under.

Curtains now clearly below the AC unit

Now Ashley is lowering all the curtain rails.  I don’t think he can blow any fuses doing that.

I am very happy to have good lighting where I chop things with sharp knives and cook things with big flames (I do tend to cook with extreme prejudice).

Ashley adds:  Forgetting the basics of how electricity works was pretty dumb. When I went back and looked at bits it became obvious what I had done.  Wiring a switch wrongly is not the cleverest thing to do.  Today I completed the task without further mishap, then sorted out the curtain rails.  I am really glad I brought a selection of tools with me, these have proven invaluable.  I have also learnt more about how this place is wired and fused, this will be useful for the future.  I remain amazed at the helpfulness of people.  The electrician who was  called out wired this place when it was renovated some years ago, he fixed the fuse issue, showed me for the future, wired one of the spotlights and he didn’t want payment of any kind.


2 responses to “Adventures with lighting

  1. We’ve found most fuseboxes are underpowered and often can’t cope with our fancy electricals even though this house and the last are less than 5 years old. ‘Tis the way here!

    • So far not a problem we have encountered. The electric system here seems to cope with the powertools and everything else we have thrown at it. My incorrect wiring of a switch would have blown fuses back in Blighty, the difference being I could have fixed the fuses easily, or the electrician would have charged a fortune to call and fix the problem.

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