Walks around Selçuk

We’ve taken a couple of very good walks this week.

For the first one, we headed upwards, behind our house and onto the hill where we watch the shepherd with the sheep and goats at sunset.  It’s steep.  We climbed that, scrambling in places, and stopping often to see if we could spot our roof.  It became clear precisely why we will never have a sea view, why our view of the castle can never be broken and why you can’t see our house from the hill on the other side of the tracks.  The house is part way down a little dip.  Just past the top of the slope we found a rough track which wound through olive fields.  There was surprisingly little birdsong, though Ashley did spot a greenfinch.  We saw a lot of tiny lizards and a chameleon.  The chameleon was crossing the road, very slowly, stopping and trembling with every step.  Then it climbed a wall.  We had plenty of opportunity to observe it change from road colour to wall colour and to take photographs.

We got some wonderful views of Goat Castle, the Kűçṻk Menderes valley, surrounding mountains and the sea (in the distance).  All this less than 15 minutes stroll from our own front gate.

Today we walked along the beach.  We got a dolmuş to Pamucak.  It dropped us right by where they are building the fake Roman galleons.  There is a carving there which has one of my favourite quotes ‘You can’t step into the same river twice’ – in both the original language of Heraclitus and in modern Turkish.

We turned right along the perfect sand and walked on the waterline as walking in that deep soft sand is very tiring.  We were approached by the owner of a beach business.  He has beach chairs and umbrellas and a little café.  He asked us where we were from and where we were living.  He lives in the same Mahalle as us.  We chatted for a while and said we might call in for tea on our way back.  We walked along all the way to the river.  We didn’t see any wildlife at all, just the beach with no one on it (except one naked sunbather) until we got to the wetlands behind the beach.  There we saw some ducks we were not able to identify (they were little round diving ducks), gulls and some kind of tern probably.

Today we forded the river.  Ashley left all the valuables with me and tried it out first then came back.  We took off our shoes and rolled up our trousers.  The water was not much over knee deep.  I’m really glad we did this as, after the rains, it might be too deep to cross, especially with identity papers, a digital camera, mobile phones and binoculars.

We continued to walk up towards Yoncaköy.  There was more litter on the beach here but also more wildlife.  We saw heaps and heaps of what we are pretty sure are Kentish Plovers (though, at our level of expertise, it can be hard to tell one kind of plover from another) and some kind of sandpiper.  We saw fields full of herons and ibis.

Found our way back to the road just before Yoncaköy and waited for a dolmuş back to Selçuk.  A quiet and shady stretch of road, surrounded by pines, not an unpleasant place to sit for twenty minutes or so, watching the cows cross the road via a special underpass.


4 responses to “Walks around Selçuk

  1. Excellent photos. Beautifully descriptive prose. Hillary, you ought to write a book!

  2. A naked bather? That’s unusual. I’m envious that you have empty beaches to walk along. Bodrum isn’t blessed with them, empty or otherwise.

    • He was sunbathing rather than swimming, and fully exposed. No one else around though. It’s a short dolmus ride to Pamucak and we really need to do this more often.

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