Herb Garden

There are fresh herbs on the market, commonly at present, mint, parsley, dill.  There are also all manner of dried herbs, basil, oregano, sage and so forth.  In my view fresh herbs are almost always better so it seemed a good idea to make these available for the kitchen.

With this in mind we arranged with a friend to go to a local garden centre.  The plan was she drove and I did the lifting since she and I wanted some soil and compost.  The garden centre was not much like one in the UK, they had plants most of which were familiar, soil and compost.  No tools, no seed, not even pots.  We met the family who run the place, some of whom live there.  Three generations of the family but not the father – he was on the Wednesday market.  Chickens and children ran noisily about and a pretty kitten who tried to trip us up.  There was a big mound of soil, and a smaller one of what looked to be compost, both of which were sold by weight, and sacks filled.  The soil we purchased turned out to be incredibly fine, presumably dug out of the Küçük Menderes flood plain, so very good quality.  We also got a load of the compost, it was described as cow manure which it may have been at some stage.   We were warned that it probably had weed seeds in it and that it might smell.  It may well have weeds in it but it doesn’t smell (though one probably wouldn’t want to use it for plants in the house).

Whilst there we picked up some fresh herbs, rosemary and sage to go with the bay tree we found at market and pots we bought earlier, and ordered thyme for collection later this week.  We will probably add oregano at some point since it is readily available on the market, or I’ll nip up the hill and dig some up.   In time we may add to this limited selection but these should cover the basics.


4 responses to “Herb Garden

  1. I think the quality where you are is much better being so close to the fertile Meander. Liam just can’t get his herbs to grow!

  2. I love my herb garden…I need to expand next year

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