The passing of time

In a physical sense time passes for all of us at much the same rate.  I know there are some extreme circumstances in the laws of physics where time may not be so uniform, but generally speaking these do not apply to human life.  An hour is an hour as time progresses on in it marches  forward.

How we experience time can be very different.

In London, in the days of work time was defined by fixed factors.  The alarm clock, the time to leave home to go to work.  Appointments, meetings, time to finish work, planning for the day, the management speak phrase “Time Management.”  It was all planned minute by minute, hour by hour.  There was a pace to time, time was busy, time was set by a clock on a wall or wrist.  Time was in control, it set what could be done, what could not (despite what some managers might have thought).  The passing of time dominated in a very immediate way, it was relentless.  The clock set time, minute by minute, hour by hour, and we all played the tune.

Time is different for me now, here in Turkey.  Living through Ramazan set by the moon, from one new moon to another, the rising and setting of the sun dictating when many were supposed to eat or fast .  I spent the evenings on the roof, each evening the sun setting slightly earlier, neighbours partaking in Iftar a few minutes earlier as the month progressed.

Last night I was sitting on the roof watching the moon rise over the hill to the east.  Later Jupiter rose over the same hill.  Tonight there will be less time between the moon rising and Jupiter following.  I thought to myself, I know the phase of the moon, so I know its position in relation to the sun, and I know which direction is north.  I should therefore be able to tell the time by the moon.  I did not sit down and do the math, the thought was simply that it is possible.

The sun, moon, and Jupiter, moving in time.   A clock, very different clock to the one I was using in London.  Time moves at much the same rate but the clock, and the experience of time, moves slowly.


2 responses to “The passing of time

  1. Fab photo. These days I hardly know what day it is, never mind what time it is.

  2. Must emphasise, not our photo… From National Geographic but it is, truly fab. Hilary did try with her phone from near Hyde Park when it was smiley face time, but to no avail.
    Time does have that irrelevant quality for us here.

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