There are many archaeological sites in Turkey that hardly anyone goes to.  Claros is one of them.  It is a bit out of the way but not hard to get to, any dolmuş  going along the coast road towards Seferihisar from Selçuk or Kuşadası will pass nearby, from there it is an easy walk of 2 kilometres or so.   Note – There is a separate drop off point for Claros beach, the ruins are a little way further on.   Claros does not have the scale or grandeur of the large sites, and equally no nearby leather outlets or carpet factories.  In ancient times Claros was important, an Apollo oracle, important in the same way as Delphi and Didyma.  These days there is less  to see than at Didyma or Delphi, and a great deal more excavation still to take place, but what is visible is fascinating and some of the monumental work is of very fine quality.

We wandered around for a while putting the site together in our heads and getting it mostly right.  There was an information board which we missed on our way in, which confirmed we had identified the various parts correctly.  There was hardly anyone else present, one man working on restoration, and a couple of families turned up, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

The wildlife, as so often at deserted sites, was spectacular.  A lot of the site is currently underwater, despite a very long, dry spell.  Well, there were a lot of frogs and turtles and there were birds to watch.  One day we will learn to identify them.

Well worth a visit.


2 responses to “Claros

  1. I love the smaller sites away from the over-trodden paths of Ephesus and the like. It’s wonderful to wander around unhassled and unhibited absorbing the past. I recommend Priene which is the most complete Hellenistic site in Anatolia. Take a look later in the day and the chances are you’ll be the only one there.

  2. Priene is absolutely fantastic. We have been there a few times and it has always been pretty quiet.

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