Birdwatching – late summer

We took a stroll along Pamucak beach, away from the three big hotels at the southern end.  There were a few people bathing in the sea and / or enjoying the beach, mostly locals.  Rather than going swimming our plan was to take a look at the wetlands behind the beach to see what birds might be around.  This time of year the wetlands are reduced so we had a fairly lengthy walk along the beach past the Dereli (supposedly a good fish restaurant which we need to try at some stage) over the small bridge where there are some imitation ancient boats on what was the channel to the harbour of Ephesus.  The story with these is that it is hoped to dredge the channel and use them as an alternate means of accessing Ephesus at the ancient harbour/ transporting tourists to Ephesus.   There seems to be some uncertainty about whether this will actually happen.  The idea is to dig a channel from where the sea is now to the ancient harbour.   Excavation will probably be slow due density of antiquities in this area.

After about an hour of walking along the beach we got close to where the Küçük Menderes flows into the sea and expanses of wetlands opened up behind the beach.  Bird watching wise it was not a huge success, high summer is not the best time for seeing birds on the wetlands.  We need to check out when the migrations take place since this should be when there will be far more to see.

Being on the coast there were of course Mediterranean gulls.  Also spotted on the beach were Kentish Plovers, and more gulls and plovers on the wetlands behind.  In the wetlands there was a small bird we could not identify, might have been a pipit of some kind but even with binoculars we were not able to get a good view.  A Little Egret was hunting the riverbank.  Sand Martins were hunting insects above the river and lagoons, along with some House Martins and Swallows.  A Magpie.  A Great Tit was heard but not seen.  The peace was occasionally disturbed by tourists on quad bikes. The cattle men grazed their cattle and  there was the occasional splash as nets were cast upon the water. We didn’t see any frogs or snakes.  They’re probably deeper into the water than they were last time we walked that area.


2 responses to “Birdwatching – late summer

  1. I hope dredging is done sensitively to avoid environmental damage to a wonderful area.

    • I doubt it will ever happen. They will dredge ten meters, find artifacts, stop for months until the archaeologists have finished and then dredge another 10 meters. And so on….. Given they need to create a channel about five kilometers long. Might take a very long time.

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