Tactical use of Doberman

There are a great variety of cat disputes around here, many of which are associated with the bins which the cats forage for food.  There is one other which is particularly amusing to watch.  Across the street from us is a low building with a flat roof.  This roof is a sunny and quiet place ideal for cats to nap.  At one end of this roof, below, in the garden lives a Doberman.

It goes like this…
Cat sleeping on roof.
Second cat (sometimes Gaddafi – the local boss tom) arrives on roof from the far end to the Doberman garden.
Cats start making threatening noises at each other.
Doberman wakes up, sits quietly in garden, waiting….
Cats continue threatening each other at increasing volume.
Second cat charges.
The objective is to force the other cat to flee backwards into the garden containing the Doberman.

Gaddafi seems particularly good at this.  Others try, but are nowhere near as effective at cutting off any escape route.  It is amusing to watch.

(NB no cats or Dobermans were harmed in the creation of this post)


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