Late August in Selçuk

There are two activities taking place all around us this week.  People are whitewashing their walls and cleaning their carpets.  We’re in two minds whether to clean the kilims – we could support the local economy by taking them to a local expert.  We can’t whitewash the walls because, for now, we are only renting.  We have participated in the general sweeping of the street but we can’t reach out the front with the hose.  The communal bins have been moved repeatedly and are now back where they started.

We can’t tell whether all this activity is taking place in preparation for Bayram or whether it occurs at around the end of August every year.   Our preparations for Bayram (to date) involved making sure all necessary letters were posted, making sure we have enough cash  to last until they restock the machines assuming a worst case scenario and laying in a stock of sweets from the market for when the local children come to call.

We still have some other things to do before Bayram, getting sweets of some sort for friends.  We know we should bake but we don’t have any flour yet, let alone the right kind of bakeware.  The shops should be open tomorrow morning.  We are not quite sure what time things may close down tomorrow (or for how many days) so a morning shopping trip for a few more supplies seems a good plan.  This has now been slightly complicated because we now need to wait in first thing in the morning for a delivery of a new bottle of cooking gas.  Yes, at some point it had to go, and, as expected, it went when we were cooking something complicated.

Other places, we hear, are seeing signs of autumn.  There are not many of those apparent here.  Oh, the storks have gone to wherever they go for the winter – they’ve been gone a couple of weeks now.  The maximum temperature according to the forecast remains in the high thirties (38, to be precise) for the next five days with the minimum hovering around 20.  Other forecasts have the temperatures a bit lower, here’s to hoping.  Thundery showers are forecast over the next couple of days.  We’re looking forward to watching the storm from our terrace.  If it happens.  And, we think, the mornings are a little cooler a little longer and the cooling off towards evening is somewhat more noticeable.

2 responses to “Late August in Selçuk

  1. It is getting a tiny bit colder here in the UK as well, just a hint of crispness in the air in the evenings.

  2. Well, it’s nearly 17:00 now and, last time the weather updated (at 16:00) it was only a little over 30 degrees. Which is quite noticeably cooler than it was last week. I think we still have a while to wait for crispness in the air. I’m looking forward to seeing autumn here – we’ve not experienced anything beyond mid-September on our travels.

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