Old Dictator

In the centre of Selçuk the cats are fairly well behaved and tame.  There are bars, restaurants and other good places they can grab a bit to eat by looking cute for tourists, or at the very least not taking your eyes out.

Unlike many towns and cities Selçuk does not seem to be overrun with cats.  Apparently every now and then many are rounded up and rendered incapable of producing more before being released back onto the streets.

Up here on the hill away from the town centre there are no restaurants, hence they have no opportunity to get fed by looking cute.  Most of them do not seem to belong to anyone or to have anyone they own.  Essentially they are feral.

The immediate neighbourhood appears to be ruled by a particularly bad tempered tom.  He was named Gaddafi some months back, and will no doubt be around for longer than his namesake.  He seems only to have one eye, the other is partially closed and it is not possible to get close enough to make out more, but he seems to manage just fine.  He does not like people, approaches are met with spitting and threats, and like the best of all toms he stinks.  Getting a photograph of this overdosed on testosterone feline brick with attitude is proving difficult, but we are sure you get the picture.

Judging by the number of younger cats which look surprisingly like Gaddafi we do not think he has ever been caught.


2 responses to “Old Dictator

  1. The sheer quality of feral cats and street dogs takes the average western visitor by surprise. Out of season In Yalikavak (where we used to live) the packs of street dogs seem to outnumber the residents.

  2. We are very fortunate here – we don’t see street dogs. The cats are another matter. We were almost ‘claimed’ by an invading kitten yesterday, but that is a matter for a separate post.

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