Train from Selçuk to Izmir

We took the train from Selçuk to Izmir.  The train was modern, air conditioned and comfortable and a ticket costs 5.5 Lira each way.  The journey time is on average around 90 minutes so although significantly cheaper than the bus takes a little longer.  The advantage of the train is that the bus terminates at Izmir Otogar which is some distance from the city centre and requires getting another bus to the city centre, whilst the train terminates at Basmane which is right in the heart of Izmir.  The other potential benefit of the train is that about 15 minutes from Basmane it stops at Adnan Menderes Airport.

From Selçuk Basmane – Izmir
Soke 06.49 08.22
Nazilli 07.27 08.45
Denizli 08.54 10.21
Denizli 11.35 12.45
Nazilli 15.10 16.33
Denizli 19.18 20.33
Basmane – izmir Selçuk Onward to
08.09 09.27 Denizli
10.22 11.36 Nazilli
14.20 15.42 Denizli
15.30 16.57 Denizli
17.35 18.53 Nazilli
19.10 20.39 Soke

It is not the prettiest train journey, but for accessing central Izmir it ticks all the right boxes.


2 responses to “Train from Selçuk to Izmir

  1. We really must do a Turkish train one day. Last year we had visitors who caught the train from Istanbul to Izmir on their way to us. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Given we are without the bike at present we have been contemplating making more use of the Turkish rail sysyem. There are supposed to be some wonderfully scenic routes in the east.

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