Ramazan evenings

It’s cooler on the roof this evening – there’s a breeze.  The sun has gone down behind the hills to the left of the castle.  Several of our neighbours have already eaten but, although we do not fast for Ramazan, we are waiting till it’s time for Iftar.  We can hear children playing in the streets – you couldn’t say it was quiet, but it is peaceful.  Last night some neighbours had a party.  We think it must have been a birthday party as they sang a song with the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’ though the words were, of course, in Turkish.  They had a huge quantity of people crammed into their garden.  They had Turkish folk music but you could hardly hear that for the clapping and the chatting.  So you couldn’t really call it quiet.  But so much more peaceful than the thump, thump, thump of the London neighbour’s stereo (we do get the occasional thump from loud car stereos but those pass).

We hear the sound of the Belediye truck spraying insecticide.  I’m told this is the reason mosquitoes are virtually undetectable this year.  It sprays pyrethrum.  The children do tend to run out and play In the spray and that’s a little worrying.  I did see one adult pull her shirt up around her face as the truck passed but most people round here don’t seem to mind at all.

And everything stops at midnight.  Oh, there’s the odd child crying out, the odd dog barking, vehicles driving past, but it does get very quiet.  I’ve been told this may be due to it being Ramazan or, on the other hand, it might be due to the law that says noise has to stop at midnight.

And now it’s time to eat.  The bats have replaced the birds flying above the rooftops and the hill behind our house.


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