Moving towards a new way of life

It has been a little under a week since we arrived in Turkey, one of the things we wanted to do was step away from the tourist pace and way of life and settle into our new home.  On the evening of our arrival, after a ten hour journey from Istanbul, we slung the bags in the house and went out, a cold beer and being cooked for was too appealing.

We have been trying to make a change to the pace of life.  It is not easy because there is so much to do and there is always the drive to try to achieve as much as possible in any given day.  We did at first, on the first full day we unpacked and rushed into the town centre to get some food and bits.  Then on the same day went to Kusadasi to try to sort out some bank matters and get a local mobile phone, none of which went to plan, although we did manage to fix a problem with our passports and entry visas which was discovered at the mobile phone shop.

We got very hot, did not achieve all we had planned and got more than a little frustrated.  Since then we have slowed down.  The heat makes slowing down sensible, it has been getting up towards 40C at times, dashing around in the afternoon sun really is not a good plan.

We have tried to set tasks to do each day, and only two or so per day, to pace ourselves.  We have been to market, done housework, cooked, cleaned, dusted, done bits in the garden.  We have started to get paperwork together for Residence Permits.  We have a  working mobile phone.  In many ways we have probably achieved more through attempting to do less and being more organised.

We have pretty much stopped going out during the hottest part of the day.  Doubt we’ll ever get up at 8am to do stuff, but we can get up leisurely, get out and do a few things and be back in the cool and shade by 1pm.  It will take longer but we are getting there, becoming better at not being tourists and settling into a new way of life.


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