How to travel with 120 Kg

I am used to traveling light, not having huge bags, getting on and off planes with hand baggage only.  It makes getting through airports so much less hassle.  It was therefore a rather new experience taking our stuff out to Turkey, set a few challenges to think about.  In total we took a little over 120 kilos of stuff with us.  Here is how.

Step one – making the most of British Airways baggage allowance.  BA allow hold baggage to be up to 23 kilos per bag.  We each had a big holdall weighing in around 22 kilos.  We then booked in an extra bag each, BA charge for this but it is not excessive considering shipping charges.  Next comes the hand baggage.  The size allowed for general hand baggage is very generous, the weight limit is that the passenger must be able to lift it unaided into the overhead bay.  In addition each passenger is allowed a ladies handbag or a laptop case.  Forget the handbag, it is possible to pack a lot of stuff into a laptop case along with a laptop, or just use the case for stuff since there is no actual requirement to have a laptop in the case.  This was actually the easy bit.

Step two – getting through airports and on to Selcuk with all this stuff.  Bags with wheels are essential.    Airport trolleys are very useful.  We also had one holdall which was huge and able once beyond the weight limits to be opened up and have the hand baggage placed inside it.  This was really helpful, since it is not very easy to pull two big holdalls and a cabin bag.

Terminal 5 Heathrow worked fine.  We got a taxi there, grabbed a trolley, loaded it up and trotted off to BA baggage.  No problem at all.

Then a slight snag with the hand baggage at security.  We did as asked and took the laptops out of the bags.  Put all the hand baggage through.  One bag got pulled and I was asked to take out the computer.  I explained that there was not a computer in the bag.  It transpired that the signs saying take out computers and place them separately also means any other electrical item over a certain size.  Anyway, I took out the PS3, they ran it back through the scanner and we were on our way.

Getting through Ataturk Istanbul was fine.  We got a trolley while waiting for the bags.  Dropped the hand baggage into the huge half packed holdall, went through customs without a problem, and loaded everything into a taxi.  From then on the combination of bus company staff, hotel staff and helpful locals made it possible to get everything to Selcuk with a minimum of fuss.

Bus station seen from hotel bedroom window

Keeping the movement to the minimum helped a great deal, hence the overnight stay at a hotel within Istanbul Otogar (bus station) and tips to helpful people further smoothed the process.  Two people traveling with 120 kilos is not something I ever want to repeat, but we managed it, and now have loads of our stuff in Selcuk.  I really do prefer to travel light,


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