From limbo to transit

We are coming to the end of our time in limbo and tomorrow we shall be in transit.  London, Istanbul, Selcuk…

It has been a strange journey.  There have been many things to sort out.  Money, communications, phones, computers, blog, facebook, Skype.  But it is all getting there.

Everything has been easier since the flat was sold.  It was difficult getting out of the flat.  We had lived there for 13 years and you do, I think, build up a relationship with a place.  We had accumulated a great deal of stuff, all of which we had to pack, store or sling.  That process started more than a year ago.  The books got pruned and re-pruned.  We have an e-reader and a Kindle.  Those help!  Much the same with the clothing in terms of pruning and re-pruning – we don’t have e-versions of clothing.  We had help from the guy who does maintenance for the estate who took most of our stuff away to use or to sell or to give away.  But, from my point of view, here was all our stuff just getting chucked out.   I honestly didn’t think we had a lot of clutter.  This was stuff we had deliberately kept, all in its proper place.  We got more ruthless as time went on.  No idea if we stored stuff we should have thrown away.  Nothing got thrown away that we can’t manage without.

And we did get the flat clear bang on schedule.

Oddly, I don’t really miss the flat or the stuff.  The three weeks we spent in Baron’s Court whilst finishing work seem unreal now, as if they did not happen.  I don’t miss work at all.  The people, of course, I do miss.  But I don’t miss the routine of going in and doing stuff that is supposedly productive or useful.  Maybe I shall at some point but I do not miss it yet.

As for the move, I do not yet believe it will happen.  Oh, I know intellectually, in my mind, but it’s either not sunk in yet or it’s sunk in so well that I just accept it.


One response to “From limbo to transit

  1. Good luck ~ you are somewhat between worlds at the minute 🙂

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