Consulting the Oracle

Moving to Turkey is something we have been planning, (possibly over-planning), for more than three years.  Now it is just over two weeks before we fly to Istanbul.  Recently I have been thinking about how we came to the decision to make this move.   To others it may seem crazy, we are packing in well paid jobs in the NHS, leaving family, selling up everything.  We are fond of alcohol, and various luxuries we may no longer be able to afford or obtain, Scottish beef, fine cheese and so forth.  I am almost certainly going to have to give up the bikes, I plan to buy a bike in Turkey but this will be the subject of a future post.  It seems a lot to be giving up.

I’m not going to speak for Hilary, but I know where and when I made my decision it was what I really wanted to do and put a time frame on it.  This was in June 2008 when we went to Greece on the Harley.  The first few days were horrendous, heading through France it rained from Calais to the Alps.  The weather got better in Italy, and by the time we got to Greece the rain and cold had almost faded from memory.  The initial plan was to cross the border into Turkey, slowed by the weather in France and then relaxing in Greece, meant we never made it.

Visiting Delphi was no bad thing, not the first time for us, and not the first time we had made big decisions there.  I decided I was not going to rush for the border that summer, but to take my time, enjoy the moment, slow down. Crossing the border was for the future.   Delphi is a fantastic place and remains for me one of the best places on the planet for making big decisions.


5 responses to “Consulting the Oracle

  1. The adventure continues!

  2. Did you consult the Oracle? 🙂

  3. So you’re moving to Istanbul or is that a stopping off point on the way?

    • We’re flying into Istanbul then catching the bus down to Selcuk the next morning. Neither the cheapest nor the most convenient way to travel but it enables us to carry the maximum possible baggage allowance.

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